Designer Bookbinders International Bookbinding Competition 2017
In association with Mark Getty and the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, Great Britain

The prizewinning bindings and photos from the prize-giving can be seen here.

The Awards Ceremony and opening of the Exhibition ‘Heroic Works’ took place on Monday 17 July 2017 in the Blackwell Hall of the Bodleian’s new Weston Library, Oxford.


First Prize (£10,000. Binding given to the Bodleian Library)
Andrea Odametey (Germany): Daedelus and Icarus

Second Prize (£6,000. Binding given to the Getty Collection at Wormsley)
Rachel Ward-Sale (UK): The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite



A Silver Prize was awarded to the 25 Distinguished Winners for the best entries in the Competition.

It is a perspex doric column with the top and bottom in hallmarked sterling silver, engraved with the binder's name. A silver block of type spelling out HERO sits on top.

Designed and made by
the jeweller Gerry Summers



25 Distinguished Winners of the Silver Prize
Juan Antonio Fernández Argenta (Spain): Islands
Kaitlin Barber (Canada): Equus
Fabrizio Bertolotti (Italy): Héraclès
Hannah Brown (UK): The Fables of Æsop
Martine Clamagirand-Roth (France): Les Métamorphoses d’Ovide
Gavin Dovey (USA): Metamorphoses
Mark Esser (USA): Blind Date
Keiko Fujii (Japan): Légendes Japonaises
Eri Funazaki (UK): Great Little Man
Jenni Grey (UK): Antigone
Pénélope Guidoni (Czech Republic): Orphée à Eurydice
Kate Holland (UK): Nine Dragons
Midori Kunikata-Cockram (UK): The Serpent with Eight Heads
Monique Lallier (USA): Pantagruel
Anna Linssen, (The Netherlands): Attila
Ting-Hsuan Lu (Taiwan): Hope In Hell - Inside the World of Doctors without Borders
Tom McEwan (UK): Clair de Lune and other Troubadour Romances
Steven Orriss (UK): Dracula
Sol Rébora (Argentina): The Noble Knight Paris & the Fair Vienne
Guadalupe Roldán Morales (Spain): Criaturas de la Mitología Espanõla
Caroline Seidel (Germany): Die Prinzessin von Babylon
Christopher Shaw (UK): The Golden Ass
Priscilla Spitler (USA): In the Garden
Julian Thomas (UK): The Poems of Taliesin
Daniel Wray (UK): The Iron Man

Oxford University Students’ Choice (£500)
Kaori Maki (UK): The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter


Exhibition Touring Dates 2017
Weston Library, Oxford - 18 July - 20 August
Library of Birmingham - 23 August - 28 September
St Bride Foundation, London - 2-14 October

North Bennet Street School, Boston, USA - 3 November - 22 December
The Exhibition at this venue will comprise the 28 Prizewinners and 8 USA binders ONLY.


Competition Catalogue
The Heroic Works catalogue, illustrating in full colour all 184 entries, is available in our online shop or direct from the Bodleian Shop, Oxford. Price £30.


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