Exhibition of contemporary bindings of private press books


InsideOUT celebrates the art and craft of contemporary bookbinding and private press printing. Organised by Designer Bookbinders, this ambitious project is a collaboration between thirty-four binders based in the United Kingdom and twenty-five based in North America.


Private View, St Bride Foundation, 14th May 2014.


Celine Lombardi, Ursula Mitra, Coleen Curry & C.L. Ingalls at the
Bonhams opening evening in New York


The exhibition at Bonhams was short but well attended. We were positioned next to the viewing
gallery for book sales resulting in many visitors. The opening evening was a great success,
crowded and lively. There were short speeches by Simon Eccles and Lester Capon.


USA Tour
Houghton Library
, Harvard, MA 11 September - 13 December 2014
Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis 10 January - 28 March 2015
Bonhams, New York 10-19 April 2015
San Francisco Center for the Book, California 6 June - 5 July 2015

Participating Private Presses
Arion Press (USA), Barbarian Press (Canada), Incline Press (UK), The Lone Oak Press (USA), Midnight Paper Sales (USA), Old School Press (UK), Old Stile Press (UK), Shanty Bay Press (Canada), The Whittington Press (UK).

A fully illustrated catalogue of all the bindings will be available at the exhibition venues and may also be purchased from the DB Online Shop.

For full details, read/download the Official Press Release (PDF).



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