In the Country of Men by Hisham Matar
Viking/Penguin Books Group, 2006
240 x 160 x 33mm
Bound by Philip Smith

Bound with two end-tapes (under yokes of laminated leather and vellum) and two unsupported sewing
stations, all link stitched. Exposed spine lined (under yokes) with strong cotton on to the end sheets.
Whole spine lined with two layers of Japanese paper. Cotton sewn-in joints in gusset of endpaper section, made up with
blue and yellow Mi-Teintes Canson papers. Covers made off the book with goatskin: 'Harmatan' light blue and yellow,
and 'Harrold's black goatskin all scarf-joined; with grey onlays, onlays of feathered maril in shades of white and beige.
The spine and foredge are painted with acrylic to continue the forms from the covers. Exposed materials treated with microcrystalline wax polish. Sample of dust cover and endpapers sewn in with prelims. Book in felt-lined
buckram covered box with Velcro closures and green draw-ribbon.