The Gathering  by Anne Enright

Bound by Faith Shannon

Alum tawed goatskin spine; sides of natural calfskin airbrushed with acrylic dyes. A theme of threads, one for each family member mentioned, runs across front, back and spine overlapping and intertwining in places giving a bas-relief surface to imply the convoluted family relationships and events. This continues in male/female impressions onto the doublures and ends. The airbrushed colours are based on the ‘slate, sandstone, cream, oatmeal’ references; the head carries the same scheme. Head and tail double bands in silk to match.
Box: A casket of laminated millboards, covered in brown wrapping paper, the title and author on a ‘tablet’ of handmade paper on the apex of the lid. Ivory ‘silk’ padded panels lining the base; the lid panel buttoned with seven tiny ‘buttons’ (the seven miscarriages) of alum tawed goatskin stitched down with oyster silk.