Room by Emma Donoghue
Bound by Angela James

Front flyleaf: 2 leaves of printed tracing paper, the lower one with photographic print of a leaf. Back flyleaf: printed tracing paper over printed paper. Leather joints. Sewn on unbleached linen tapes. Double silk headbands - rainbow colours at head; brown, grey and black at tail.

Double board construction. Spine covered with white sheepskin with sky painting and green dyed goatskin with onlaid etched pattern. False raised band covered with resist patterned calf.

Upper board covered with airbrushed calf. Square cut out and edged with airbrushed calf and painted calf. Inlay in lower board of airbrushed calf with backpared onlay. Raised frame round the square, covered with grey goatskin. ROOM blocked in black. Back board covered with calf printed using photographs taken by the binder (and one of the objects drawn by binder). Onlay of grass and flowers printed from a dry point etching by the binder and coloured with acrylic inks. Doublures of pale blue goatskin. Front doublure with back-pared onlaid square. Back doublure with onlaid, back-pared photo-printed leaf.