Pigeon by Stephen Kelman
Bound by Paul C Delrue

Telling his story is 11 year old Harrison Opuku, who has recently arrived in London with his mother and sister, Lydia. His Father, Grandmother and baby sister remain in Ghana, trying to get together the money to join the rest of the family. Installed on the ninth floor of Copenhagen House, in the midst of a far from salubrious council estate, they get their bearings and begin to settle in. Harri, who seems particularly alive to the strangeness’s and delights that confront him, views from his balcony, and determines, with the aid of piles of flour, and without his mothers knowledge, to befriend one of the pigeons who uses it as a stopping off point.  With his wide eyed, curious delight in his new and unfamiliar setting, Pigeon English is an optimistic book.
I sincerely hope the author likes my binding.

My binding in (marked) goatskin, Tudor style, light brown, tans, with onlays of figures of Harrison, and in blind tooling the high rise council estate on the front board. The book has been sewn on 5 tapes, edges coloured in acrylics in seasonal colours. Browns, greens, pale red and oranges.
It has several coloured endpapers and suede flyleaves.

The protective drop back box has been lined inside with mid brown
suede and gold title handle letters along the spine.

I think Pigeon English is my best Man Booker binding ever. I loved the story
and ‘Harri’s’ simple hopes in the joy of living.