Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil
Bound by David Sellars

The novel begins and ends with the word Bombay consequently the concept of circularity became the structure of the design. I wanted to use layers of structure to create a tactile foundation which moves out in concentric forms from the hub of the city.

From this eye of the city the writer experiences the dreamlike states of the narcotics addict.
I have linked the traditional structure of raised bands to the use of metal foil in drug use via metallic thread.
The drug of choice within this story is opium hence the smoky shapes of suminagashi which is reinforced by the dyed suede outer panels. I have extended these themes to the doubures and painted edges to create a whole which emulates the alternate state of the drug user.

Sections are sewn on three tapes with a secondary sewing of silver metal thread on two of the tapes, then laced through the boards. The design is created in sections, and covered at different levels with goatskin, pigskin and calf. These skins are dyed using batique, craquelle and tying techniques. The doublures are tie dyed pigskin, endpapers of Korean handmade paper, black tooling, edges decorated with coloured pencil and ink, endbands of vellum and silver thread. Drop back box decorated to echo the inner circle of the book.