Designer Bookbinders International Competition 2017
In association with Mark Getty and the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, Great Britain

Touring Exhibition: Heroic Works
Library of Birmingham 23 August – 28 September 2017

Details of the prizewinners and images of their bindings can be see in the COMPETITON section.

The 'Heroic Works' Exhibition opened at the Library of Birmingham on Wednesday 23 August and will run until Thursday 28 September. The showcases are located on the 2nd Floor and are designed as a 'trail' exhibition around the circular rotunda space there. The variety of structures, materials, colours and inventiveness is already captivating staff and audiences alike, and the show should attract a great deal of interest and surprise.

Click here to see coverage of the exhibition on the library's website.


To accompany the exhibition there were three bookbinding workshops, two for children and one for adults.

Kate Holland: The Joy of Bookbinding / Bookbinding For Beginners
Kaori Maki & Jeanette Koch: Marbling Workshop





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