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Private Presses

The Alembic Press: A fine press creating and printing limited edition books by traditional letterpress in Oxford, UK.

David Esslemont: Artist, designer, printer, bookbinder, publisher.

Fine Press Book Association: The Fine Press Book Association is an organisation formed by individuals interested in the art of fine printing to promote printing skills and the appreciation of beautiful books. With great energy the FPBA began in 1996, and it now has a growing world-wide membership of those interested in the fine book: collectors, printers, artists, illustrators, museums and dealers.

Gwasg Gregynog

Incline Press: Handmade book for the reader who collects and the collector who reads.

The Old Stile Press: Many of our books are available in unbound copies for binders. Visit our website for details of the books and their images and then contact us for details of prices and availability.




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