Commissioning a Binding

Many commissions that bookbinders undertake are for private individuals who want a unique binding of a treasured text for their own personal delight or as a special gift. What could make a more inspired and personal gift? The pleasure and excitement of commissioning a binding - and the joy of handling the finished piece - cannot be overestimated. When you own a fine binding you have a book that has been painstakingly executed by a highly skilled bookbinder and is a pleasure to look at, to handle and to read.

What to do
Firstly you need to select a bookbinder. Go to the Fellows and Licentiates pages in the Members section to view the variety of work available. Designer Bookbinders can provide a list of Fellows and Licentiates who undertake commissions. Most of the binders take on commissions and you can contact them directly or, for more general advice, write/ring/email the Designer Bookbinders secretary (see below).

Make your choice of text and design
You can provide a book text of your own, or leave the choice of text to the binder. You may like to discuss the design with the binder or give him/her a free hand. Alternatively you may agree with the binder that the design is submitted before work is started on the book. Bindings can range in price from £150 to several thousands. Agree timing, especially if you have a specific deadline.

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Designer Bookbinders