Haein Song
  • by Samuel Beckett
    John Calder 1959, First edition
    140 x 200 x 37mm
    bound 2018

    Full leather binding in medium grey goatskin. Grey leather joints and doublures. The endpapers have been printed using drypoint etching technique. Hand sewn silk headbands. Hand tooling in light grey shades.

    Beckett's three novels in non-traditional narrative explore the themes of the existentialist: One is born, one suffers, and one dies. We must go on amid the evidence that life is meaningless, hopeless, full of despair and anguish. The design is to represent meaningless scratches one makes in order to carry on living ('I can't go on, I will go on.'). Tooling has been used as a method of creating texture (as opposed to a method of decorating accurately).
  • by Italo Calvino
    Secker & Warburg 1985, First edition
    139 x 214 x 10mm
    bound 2015

    Full leather binding in orange goatskin with tooling in various colours. Ultra flatback. Endpapers printed using cyanotype process. Hand sewn silk headbands.

    In 27 short chapters, Mr. Palomar makes philosophical observations about the world around him. Calvino describes a man on a quest to quantify complex phenomena in a search for fundamental truths on the nature of being. There is a thematic index at the end of the book and all the letters and punctuation marks from the titles of sections, subsections and chapters (i.e. 1. Mr. Palomar’s Vacation / 1.3.3. The Contemplation of the Stars) have been jumbled to create the cover of the book typographically.
  • by Russell Maret
    Twenty-Six Linoleum Cuts by Russell Maret
    234 x 320 x 18mm
    bound 2017

    Full leather binding in black goatskin with off white goatskin onlays. Black leather joints and doublures. Title tooled in blind on spine. Lether headbands with silk highlights.

    One line from each alphabet character of the title appears on the cover - L, I, N, E, A, R, A on the front cover and T, O , L, I, N, E, A, R, Z on the back cover.
  • by Bruce Chatwin
    Folio Society, 2010
    Illustrated by Simon Pemberton
    163 x 226 x 37mm
    bound 2018

    Full leather binding in brown goatskin with over a thousand goatskin inlays in various colours. Brown leather joints and doublures. Leather headbands with various coloured silk highlights. Hand printed endpapers using strings and acrylic paints.

    The Songlines is a travelogue combining fiction, nonfiction, history and myth about Aboriginal culture. Chatwin journeys across Central Australia trying to understand the songlines and universalising what he sees in Aboriginal culture to defend his theory that man is essentially a nomadic creature. Design and colour are inspired by Aboriginal dot paintings from Papunya Tula Art Movement.

Binding images coming soon.

  • Born 1979 in Seoul, South Korea.
  • BA Graphic Design, Seoul National University in 2001. MA Communication Design, Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in 2008.
  • Started bookbinding at Studio Five with Mark Cockram and worked at the Wyvern Bindery, Alinea Bindery and Book Works.
  • Awarded the Mansfield Medal for Best Book and Folio Society First Prize in 2017, The Shepherds Falkiner Fine Papers Prize in 2012 and Highly Commended Certificates in 2008 at the Designer Bookbinders Annual Competition.
  • Elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2018.
  • Working on contemporary find binding commissions, artists books and bespoke box making.
  • Work held in public and private collections in the UK and USA.

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