Kate Holland
  • by Aldous Huxley
    Chatto and Windus, London, 1954 (first edition)

    Full printed alum tawed calf with sunken onlays of neon orange leather, gold tooling. Doublures of hand dyed grey fair calf with neon orange leather sunken onlays and gold tooling. Endpapers printed image of red hot poker with neon highlights. Edges gilt with neon orange spattering. Hand sewn endbands. Sewn on 3 tapes, laced on boards, leather jointed endpapers.
  • by Clare Leighton
    Illustrated with woodcut illustrations by the author

    Black goatskin spine, boards black paper with rusted effect, off white paper insets and black goatskin onlays, title tooled in red gold. Doublures double printed black paper. Endpapers calligraphy laminated with printed Japanese tissue. All edges black. Hand sewn endbands. Bradel binding.
  • by Hermann Hesse
    New Directions, New York, 1951
    bound 2017

    Boards covered in green printed calfskin with inlaid Swarovski crystals and pearls. Hand-dyed grey calf spine with holographic lettering. Hand-coloured edges and hand-sewn endbands. Hand-dyed grey calf doublures with back-pared green calf and metallic leather onlays, and Japanese tissue onlays with silver acrylic and rollered lino ink. Printed endpapers with sprinkled graphite.

    The design reflects a passage in Siddhartha: "Tenderly, he looked into the rushing water, into the transparent green ... With a thousand eyes, the river looked at him, with green ones, with white ones, with crystal ones, with sky blue ones.”

    The layout is based on a light installation by the artist who commissioned this book. It transcribes this passage in Morse code using reflective discs but here I have used crystals and pearls instead to illustrate the text.
  • written, illustrated and printed by the binder
    Kate Holland Books, Corsley, 2016
    Screen printing by I Dress Myself

    Accordion binding of nine screen-printed gilded boards with acrylic washes and ink highlights. Gilded canvas under pierced black goatskin onlay. Sprinkled gold on edges and rear. Black goatskin doublures.

    Covers depict paddy fields seen through a lattice window. The Nine Dragons are the mythological sons of the Dragon King, supreme being among creatures. Design based on a thirteenth-century painted scroll by Chen Rong
  • Kate is a multi award-winning artist bookbinder, specialising in contemporary fine bindings to commission or for exhibition.
  • She uses traditional materials and techniques to produce a unique, modern binding that reflects the text, illustrations and typeface of the book. Kate also works with individuals and private presses to produce the whole book, whether one offs or limited editions and can advise on all aspects of the book production from printing, through layout, to binding and boxes.
  • Kate is a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders and has books in the Library of Human Imagination, the British Library, Bodleian and Yale University Libraries, as well as many public and private collections internationally, and is a regular binder to the Booker Prize, and featured on BBC The One Show.
  • She is a very experienced teacher and has initiated many converts to the joys of bookbinding with patience and humour with regular slots at West Dean College and Soho House amongst others.
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