Kaori Maki
  • 220 x 135 x 20mm
    The Folio Society
    Private collection

    Harmatan teal goatskin and white alum-tawed goatskin back pared onlays. Multiple yellow goatskin cushioned onlays.

    DB Annual Competition 2018: Open Choice 2nd Prize

  • Ray Bradbury
    The Folio Society
    236 x 160 x 27mm

    Harmatan beige goatskin, blind tooling and hints of gold tooling, cushioned onlays, gilt edges.

  • Leo Tolstoy
    219 x 133 x 20mm
    Private Collection

    Multiple Scarf-jointed Harmatan goatskins, cushioned onlays of blackberry goatskin, top edge gilt

  • Dante Alighieri
    The Folio Society
    225 x 146 x 25mm

    Alum-tawed goatskin with red goatskin onlays


Kaori was born in Japan but spent most of her childhood in Singapore. After returning to Japan, she went on to study at the Tama Art University in Tokyo graduating in 1993. An apprenticeship followed in theatre and costume design working with a renowned costume designer. In 1997 she spent four years working as a curator, travelling extensively around Japan, discovering and mentoring new artists and organising exhibitions for them.

During this period, her parents lived in Asia, America and Europe. In 2001, while her parents were living in London, Kaori visited the UK. During this trip she enrolled on a bookbinding course with Midori Kunikara-Cockram at Jade Studio and later with Mark Cockram at Studio 5. Following this and deciding to stay in the UK, she took a place at Camberwell University of Art where she studied print making and graduated with a MA in 2005. Returning to bookbinding full time in 2006, Kaori is now working at the Wyvern Bindery in London and she undertakes private commissions. In 2008 she was elected as a Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders. Her work has won many prizes and she has books in private collections in the USA and the UK.