Midori Kunikata-Cockram
  • by Ambrose Philips
    The Nonesuch Press, 1938
    bound 2012

    The binding is in full leather with leather onlays and paper onlays of hand-dyed Japanese Gampi paper. It is sewn on an accordion guard of Kozo paper with secondary sewing and lined board attachment. The head is coloured with acrylic ink. The endpapers are decorated with hand-drawn lines using a Rotring pen and coloured with pastels.

    "I tried to design the binding in harmony with the illustrations - Blake's personal vision of this quiet, natural paradise. The cover design is representative of the first scene of The Eclogues. The poem starts with the conversation of two fellows under a beech canopy; the cupolas are representative of the two men surrounded by beech leaves."

    Private collection, UK.
  • by Miriam Macgregor
    Whittington Press, 2012
    bound 2014

    The binding is sewn using an unsupported link stitch with secondary sewing on a continuous linen board attachment. It is a full leather binding with vellum inlays and leather onlays. On the front board are hand-dyed paper onlays covered with transparent vellum. The endpapers are hand-drawn paper onlays.

    All the engravings in this book are of subjects within walking distance of Miriam Macgregor's cottage. The design creates a tranquil feeling of midwinter, harmonizing with the engravings. The hand-dyed paper only describes the somber winter coloured plants, covered with transparent vellum, giving a more faded feeling. The hand-dyed leather onlays describe traces of delicate colour.

    Private collection, UK.
  • by Kenneth Clark
    John Murray Ltd. London, 1973
    bound 2017

    Bound in full goatskin with leather onlays and hand-dyed paper inlays. The book is sewn with an unsupported link stitch with secondary sewing on a continuous linen board attachment. The title is tooled in gold leaf on leather circles on the front board. The author's name is tooled in gold leaf on the back board. Hand-sewn silk endbands.

    Moments of Vision is based on a lecture given by Kenneth Clark on the visual arts, which he subsequently edited for publication. During his lecture, Clark mentioned that the landscape of daffodils gave a 'moment of vision' to the poet William Wordsworth. This inspired my design. The endpapers are hand-drawn in pastels, suggesting fields of daffodils leading on to the abstracted designs of daffodils on the doublures; this design continues on to the cover with circular motifs in leather combined with yellow linen thread, expressing further visions of daffodils.
  • by Geert Mak
    Stichting Handboekbinden (The Dutch Hand Bookbinding Foundation), 2016
    bound 2017

    The binding is sewn using an unsupported link stitch with secondary sewing on a continuous linen board attachment. It is a full leather binding with leather onlays and gold tooling. The doublures and endpapers are hand-drawn with pastel on mould-made paper. The endbands are hand-sewn with silk thread. The edges are coloured with pastels.

    The book was made for the International Miniature Bookbinding Competition in The Hague. The design represents the long line of cars needed to clear the island.

    Collection of the Museum Meermanno, Netherlands.
  • Graduated from the BA(Hons) Academy of Arts course, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo. Studied fine binding at ‘Bookbinding Studio Livre’ ,Tokyo. Diploma with merit in Fine Bookbinding and Conservation, Guildford College of Technology, Surrey UK.
  • Since graduating has given workshops, lectures, exhibitions in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan.
  • Opened the 'Jade Bookbinding Studio' in London 1997, concentrating on private tuition, commissioned and personal work.
  • Elected Fellow of Designer Bookbinders (UK) in 2007, and is a member of The Society of Bookbinders (UK) and Tokyo Bookbinding Club (Japan).
  • The Designer Bookbinders International Competition 2017. Awarded among the Distinguished Winners.
  • Collections: The British Library, London; private collections in USA, Europe, Japan and UK.