Philip Smith
  • Cambridge University Press (lectern bible)
    383 x 330 x 127mm
    bound 1953 - design and finishing 2003

    Goatskin, maril onlays, spine puckering, tongue-in-slot board attachment.
  • by William Shakespeare (miniature)
    Knickerbocker Leather Novelty Co. NY (undated)
    made 2005-06

    Book: 77 x 55 x 15mm
    Goatskin, feathered onlays and maril.

    Sculptured head container: 140 x 115 x 92mm
    Board, balsa wood, epoxy putty, leather onlays.
  • by William Shakespeare
    Tallone Press, 1978
    340 x 218 x 50mm
    bound 2002-04

    Goatskin, puckered covering, maril and feathered onlays, tooled texture of emulsified maril.
  • by The Brothers Grimm.
    Selection and etchings by David Hockney
    Petersburg Press, 1970
    455 x 325 x 33mm
    bound 1996-97

    Semi-tongue-in-slot structure; scarf-joined goatskins with maril and feathered onlays. Image movement across covers from chaos to order, incorporates elements found in the fairy tales and the search for identitiy.
  • Began binding books in 1949. Royal College of Art 1951-54 (Roger Powell tutor). Worked with Sydney Cockerell 1957-61. President of Designer Bookbinders 1977-79. A founder and editor of 'The New Bookbinder' 1980-95. Has lectured and exhibited in many countries. Winner of several international Gold and Silver Medals. Awarded MBE for services to art, 2000. British Library National Life Story Archive, 2004.
  • Responsible for many technical and artistic innovations and some inventions under patent: e.g. the Lap-back book structure. Moving beyond the decorative tradition he has created an original and unique style and approach to the book aiming at psychological and philosophical truth through visual metaphor and revisions of book structure, mainly using several forms of 'maril' with structured but organic designs, pointing at Non-Duality. Works incorporate sculptured containers, found objects, painted 'texts' and word play with titles. Has worked and exhibited in several art mediums.
  • Published books include 'New Directions in Bookbinding', 'The Book: Art & Object'; features in many books, encyclopaedias, articles, catalogues and in the media. His work records are being assembled for publication as 'A Book Art: Concept and Making'.
  • Artist and technical innovator developing feathered onlays, marbled inlaid leather (maril), the book-wall, sculptured covers and containers, new methods of book structuring etc., while emphasising the relevance of the visual imagery to the text. International publicist for modern bookbinding.