Rachel Ward-Sale
  • by Homer
    Translated by F.L. Lucas
    Illustrated by Mark Severin
    The Golden Cockerel Press, England, 1948
    bound 2017

    Panels of fair calf, dyed and decorated with impressed and printed cloth, over gilded paper.

    Awarded Second Prize in the 2017 DB International Competition.
  • by Lewis Carroll
    Illustrated by John Vernon Lord
    Inky Parrot Press and Artists Choice Editions
    bound 2017

    Bound in black goatskin with onlaid squares of hand-marbled leather in shades of blue and green, tooled with black foil.
  • by Eeanor Catton
    bound 2013

    Bound in dark blue goatskin with onlaid squares of impressed gilded leather and lines of sprinkled gold leaf.
  • by William Shakespeare
    Illustrated by Andy English
    Barbarian Press, 2005
    bound 2012

    Bound in dyed and sanded calf, impressed with leaf skeletons. Impressed, gilded onlays, gold leaf and coloured foil tooling.

    Silver Prize winner in the 2013 DB International Competition.
  • Studied Art, Design and Bookbinding at The University of Brighton from 1977-81.
  • Designer Bookbinders Competition Prizewinner: First Prize and Silver Medal in 1980. First Prize for the Open Choice book 2003 and 2004, with Mansfield Medal 2004.
  • Elected Licentiate member of DB in 1980 and Fellow 2005.
  • Co-founded Bookbinders of Lewes in1992, undertaking a wide variety of binding projects.
  • 'Texture is a recurrent element in my work which I have been exploring in recent bindings, often using found objects to print onto or impress into the surface of leather and paper. I like the immediacy of these techniques and the tactile textures they create.'