Glenn Malkin
  • Introdution by Lavinia Greenlaw
    Illustrated by Jane Lydbury
    The Folio Society
    bound 2017

    Sewn onto tapes with three-quarter hollow. Lightly airbrushed Hewit's Goat with back-pared onlay panel of cold tooled leather pieces decorated with yellow and white gold leaf. Silk endbands covered with white gold leaf. Full leather doublures and suede endpapers. The design represents Dickinson's repeated theme of death and suggests the path of life passing through the veil of our mortality, though without melancholy - also reflected in the light blue edge decoration with sprinkled white gold. The background illustrates the ever-present 'stintless stars' referred to in the text.

    Awarded the 'St. Brides Foundation Prize for Finishing' in the Designer Bookbinders Bookbinding Competition 2017.
  • by Dante
    Translated by Mark Musa
    Illustrated by Daniel Egneus
    The Folio Society
    bound 2016

    Sewn onto four linen tapes and bound in crimson goatskin with black goat doublures and joints. Tooled in gold and black. Acrylic edge decoration and silk endbands. The design represents the significance of the 'perfect' number nine featured throughout the story, though things perhaps aren't as perfect as they might at first appear. The black tooling represents the presence of death whilst the crimson leather reflects the colour of Beatrice's dress.

    Awarded the First Prize for the set book in the Designer Bookbinders Bookbinding Competition 2016.
  • by Horace Walpole
    Introduction by Montague Summers
    Chiswick Press, 1924
    bound 2016

    Bound in Harmatan goat with onlays of puckered and sanded goatskin. Airbrushed and painted detail illustrating the binder's imaging of the setting for the story. Full leather doublures and suede endpapers. Acrylic edge decoration. The story was first published as a discovered ancient manuscript of true events, before Walpole admitted authorship and it became acknowledged as the first Gothic novel.
  • by Karen Blixen
    The Folio Society

    Bound in full Harmatan goatskin with the sun being a back-pared onlay. The foreground tree is onlaid in puckered goatskin. The backround is airbrushed and painted in leather dye. Title in black foil to the spine. Goat suede endpapers and full black goatskin doublures. Edges decorated in airbrushed acrylics and sprinkled gold leaf. Presented in a suede lined drop-back box.
  • Started binding after a career change in 2007. Became a full time professional binder in January 2008.
  • Won the Harmatan Leather prize for his binding of ‘Le Grand Meaulnes’ in the 2009 Designer Bookbinders competition.
  • Has subsequently won further prizes for his competition bindings in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • Runs regular bookbinding workshops in Hull and at The Grange in Ellesmere, Shropshire.
  • Elected Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders in 2014.
  • “The day-job is working primarily on book repairs, re-binds and new bindings for clients, but I spend as much time as I can constantly developing and enhancing my design binding approach. I like to push my boundaries with each binding, trying out techniques and styles that are new to me and absorbing inspiration and ideas suggested by nature and the art and imagery which surround us constantly.”