Designer Bookbinders Masterclasses 2019

The 2019 Season of DB Masterclasses is now available for booking. Each Masterclass will have a maximum class size of only 6 students, so early booking is recommended.

Payment can be made by cheque or Debit/Credit card.
To book places please contact Wendy Hood.
E: secretary@designerbookbinders.org.uk
T: 01225 342793

Terms & conditions (PDF)


March 9-10, 2019
Lori Sauer - 'The Visual Language of Bookbinding'
(To be held at Conway Bindery, Halifax)

This class begins with an overview of visual design, how it affects us and how we use it. A grasp of what makes good design is necessary before any of us embark on a creative project, whether we work in industry or the creative sector.

Within bookbinding there are specific parameters we work to and each binding begins with a myriad of decisions to make: a text prompts questions about colour, materials and structure - which combinations of visual and physical elements, suitable to that text, are appropriate and why.

Half seminar and half hands-on, the class will take an in depth look at how creating visual narratives can be mapped and approached. Exercises designed to hone and stimulate ideas form the basis for later discussion. Students will gain a better understanding of how to channel their vision into intelligent and positive results.

Lori is a self-employed binder living and working in Wiltshire. She is the founder of BINDING re:DEFINED, a programme of workshops focused on contemporary book structures. She is also the current President of Designer Bookbinders.

Cost: £200
Materials cost: TBA


April 27-28, 2019
Derek Hood - 'Leather Inlay and Onlay'
(To be held at St Bride Bindery, London)

In this workshop Derek will demonstrate and discuss some of the various techniques and preparations involved when inlaying and onlaying leather designs for bookbinding. He will explain the reasons behind the use of each method and its relation to the overall design to be executed.

Derek will provide prepared plaquettes for students to work on during the process and will guide them through the preliminary stages of marking out artwork, positioning, cutting and finally applying the decoration.

Derek works to commission designing and making fine bookbindings from his studio in Bath. He is a Fellow of DB and his bindings are held in many private and public collections throughout the world.

Cost: £200
Materials cost: TBA


June 8-9, 2019
Kathy Abbott - 'Perfect sewing, rounding and backing and spine lining'
(To be held at St Bride Bindery, London)

Do you struggle with rounding and backing your books? If so, it's likely that your problems have started at the sewing stage. In this Masterclass, you will learn how to create perfect sewing, which will enable you to round and back accurately and easily. You will then be shown how to line the spine to allow for flexible opening.

Kathy served a four-year apprenticeship in bookbinding and then gained an HND from the London College of Printing, followed by a BA (Hons) Bookbinding from Roehampton University. She is a partner of Benchmark Bindery, set up in 2009 with Tracey Rowledge. She teaches at the City Lit and conducts many workshops across the UK and abroad. She is a founder member of the group, Tomorrow's Past and is the author of Bookbinding: A step-by-step guide.

Cost: £200
Materials cost: TBA  



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