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Paper Cut Drum Leaf Artists' Book

Tutors: Kip Perdue & Mark Cockram
Dates: 4 - 5 April 2020
Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Venue: Barnes, London
Fee: GBP185.00 (plus materials payable on the day)

A double act in the art of the book beautiful.

A special workshop co-hosted by paper cut artist Kip Perdue and bookbinder/book artist Mark Cockram.

During the first day, working with various papers and a knife, participants will create unique pages and spreads that explore contrast in colour and texture, line, form and space within a artists book structure. Kip will demonstrate and offer tips and tricks of how to work with and cut intricate shapes encouraging to create fields of depth within the sequential narrative and other mesmerising effects.

The second day concentrates on the construction of the book, creating the form of the text block and the binding.

The students will be shown how to make a successful flat back case binding with simple board sculpturing techniques and introduction to pierced board work. Mark will offer hacks and tricks in making and binding.

Both Kip and Mark have worked together in producing unique artists books. Though appearing relaxed and free form, both are exacting in their own work.

Together, in a workshop environment, they bounce ideas around the room, working in a lighthearted way that encourages free form, enabling participants to produce books that offer the maker and viewer new and infinite dimensions in the art of the book.



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