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Stub Binding

Tutor: Lori Sauer
Dates: 1-2 June 2019
Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Venue: Irvine, Scotland
Fee: GBP175.00 (plus max GBP10.00 materials fee payable on the day)

Binding with a stub, or loose guard, has been around for centuries. Mainly used for maps and documents in the past, it is only recently that it has become popular in contemporary work.

Workshop participants make a small library of templates/models with various stub constructions for use as future reference. These are a mixture of basic methods and more complex, versatile and decorative techniques. The models show how to use a stub on a single section, multiple sections and sections combined with plates or plates only. They make use of individual stubs and stubs made from concertinas. Various folding patterns are explained as well as how to attach boards and incorporate endpapers. If time allows a multi section, rounded book will be made. This structure is very adaptable and some of its merits include: the text block opens flat; all spine styles are accommodated whether flat, rounded or rounded and backed; the creation of elegant bindings from single sections;narrow gutter margins no longer disappear in the spine; successfully backing books with thick paper; attaching plates with no sewing.

Lori Sauer trained at City Lit, London under the tuition of Sally Lou Smith and David Sellars. She is now self-employed and specialises in contemporary bindings. For 20 years she has run Salisbury Book Crafts and in 2011 founded BINDING re:DEFINED. In 2000 she won the Designer Bookbinders Silver Medal and in 2001 became a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders. Lori is the Emeritus President of Designer Bookbinders.



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